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Neighborhoods in Mass. could get more shade from trees under new climate bill

Tree canopies shading Massachusetts cities and towns could grow dramatically due to a new climate bill.

Alison Kuznitz - 05-05-2023


Mobility could be transformed by 2035, with US car sales dropping 30%: report

By 2035, mobility in American cities could be transformed.

Michael Brady - 05-05-2023


To spur geothermal heating and cooling, DOE funds 11 community-scale system design projects

A new DOE program designates funding to design geothermal heating and cooling.

Ysabelle Kempe - 05-05-2023


States Look to Make Companies Take Responsibility for Hard-to-Recycle Packaging

As plastic piles up, bills that shift the financial cost of recycling to the producers are gaining traction.

Molly Bolan - 05-05-2023


New Massachusetts climate change program to help municipalities

Climate resiliency is the focus of a new program in Massachusetts.

Brent Addleman - 04-28-2023


Cambridge Residents and Activists Rally at City Hall for Green New Deal Proposal

More than 70 Cambridge residents and activists gathered in front of City Hall in support of Cambridge Green New Deal

Erika K. Chung and Emily L. Ding, Crimson Staff Writers - 04-28-2023


Massachusetts City Tackles Building Decarbonization at Scale

This spring, Cambridge, Mass. is putting new force behind its efforts to decarbonize multi-family buildings.

Marigo Farr - 04-28-2023


The No. 1 best U.S. city to live in is Cambridge, Massachusetts—see which other cities made the list

This month, Niche released its ranking of the best cities to live in America in 2023.

Celia Fernandez - 04-28-2023


Low-carbon materials eligible for climate resilience, disaster recovery funding: FEMA

Communities and states that want to use low-carbon materials to prepare for disaster are receiving a funding boost

Ysabelle Kempe - 04-11-2023