The City of Cambridge’s Building Energy Use and Disclosure Ordinance (BEUDO) requires that non-residential buildings that are on parcels with more than 25,000 sq ft total, residential properties on a parcel with more than 50 units total, and municipal owned buildings on parcels with more than 10,000 square feet to report their annual energy use. This ordinance is a key step in efforts to reduce Cambridge’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and use energy more efficiently. By making building energy use publicly available to the marketplace, property buyers and tenants can make more informed decisions and property owners are motivated to take action to achieve higher energy performance.


Energy Use Intensity

Energy use intensity (EUI) is the measurement of the energy used per square foot per year. It’s calculated by dividing the total energy consumed by the building in one year (measured in thousand Btu, kBtu) by the floor area of the building.


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    The City’s overall energy use intensity has decreased by 4% since 2015. While all of the buildings reporting under BEUDO has reduced the amount of energy they consumed, our laboratories and colleges and universities have realized the larges reduction. Our laboratories reduced their energy consumption by 19% and our colleges and universities by 16%.

    The amount of energy consumed in Cambridge’s multi-family and K-12 school building is very similar to other buildings of the same type across the USA. Our College and Universities out perform the average National average, but our hotels and office buildings use more energy than the typical USA buildings. It is important to note that Cambridge is home to a large number of laboratories, which is cataloged as “office”. Therefore, our energy consumption would be higher given the nature of their business.

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